The Important of Balance Life

To have a balanced life you need to remember the important principle. To be balanced is the principle. Breaking this principle will only lead you to misery.

The five aspects of life that need to be balanced are:

  • Work
  • Health
  • Learning
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Sadly, most people have what we call unbalance success. People have tremendous success in one or two aspects of their lives but at the expense of the other aspects. Other people will say to others who might seem to be wildly successful and living the dream. However, the facts are different, their family may be unhappy, they might have weak physically. Or they have a depressed life. In the same way, to have an unbalanced life will cost you a lot.  This is the reason why it is important to make a deliberate effort to stay balanced. It is essential to have a priority.

To other people, one aspect that causes the other aspect to suffer is Work. People spend so much time at work that they do not have enough time for other aspects. Like their family, they do not have time to be with them. They have no time to grow spiritually or to exercise and rest.

Balance Life

The question will arise in our mind why this happen? Mostly, in many people, is that there is an underlying belief that causes it. Having more money will make them happier, this belief they put in their mind. So this belief will cause them to spend so much time at work at the expense of the other aspects of their lives. With this belief, it will not make you happy. Rather, This will make you miserable. You may not see the effect over time but in the long run, it is inevitable unless you change your direction.

Now another question how to overcome this? How to stay balanced and fall into this trap? To stop the wrong belief at the core of it. The belief that having money will make you happier must be uprooted from our mind. The countermeasure is being contented.

The reality is that it’s ok to not to have as much as your neighbor and friends. It is ok to live a simple life. You may not be successful outwardly but you have something much better. To live a balanced life with contentment, you achieve what other people want to achieve. Living a happy life is what matter most.